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Activity Brief
9 January 2018

Assessing HIV-related outcomes among key populations accessing community-based test and start services in Nigeria

Community-based, “test and start” service delivery is a promising strategy for increasing access to HIV testing, treatment, and care for key populations. Currently in Nigeria, community-based HIV services for key populations offer varying degrees of one-stop shopping to meet these communities’ comprehensive prevention, treatment, and care needs. Yet little is known about the costs and effectiveness of these services—evidence that is critical for guiding the investment of resources to maximize the impact of test and start for key populations.

This brief describes how Project SOAR is investigating the use of key population community platforms to expand access to treatment, the cost of such care provided outside of clinical health facilities, and the extent to which false positive misclassification may occur in outreach settings. Given the global “treat all” emphasis and the need to effectively scale up test and start services and minimize misclassification rates, these findings will be important in expanding timely antiretroviral treatment coverage in vulnerable communities in Nigeria and elsewhere.

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