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31 March 2020

Strengthening capacity for assessment of HIV-related data needs among key populations to inform evidence-based responses

Defining the HIV prevention and treatment needs for key populations, who have disproportionate HIV acquisition and transmission risks, has been particularly difficult in the context of generalized HIV epidemics where less attention has historically been placed on the HIV prevention and treatment needs of these groups. There is a gap in our understanding of the specific needs of—and ultimately the investment case for the added value of supporting—disproportionately burdened key populations in these settings.


In response to this gap, Johns Hopkins University—under Project SOAR—implemented a project in partnership with collaborators, with two primary purposes: (1) synthesizing and assessing the quality of available data for key populations; and (2) leveraging these data to strengthen capacity of a strategic group of governmental, non-governmental, and community stakeholders to effectively use these data to prioritize rights-based, comprehensive data collection efforts, and programmatic responses.

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