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30 January 2021

Optimizing maternal and child health outcomes through use of multidisciplinary “IMPROVE” teams in Lesotho

The “Integrated Management Team to Improve Maternal-Child Outcomes” (IMPROVE) intervention is a comprehensive, evidence-based strategy to improve maternal and child health (MCH) outcomes through patient-centered, participatory service delivery and multidisciplinary management teams (MDT). The intervention includes three key approaches: (1) multidisciplinary, integrated management teams of facility- and community-based health care and lay workers, (2) Joint Positive Health Dignity, and Prevention (PHDP)-focused counseling for patients and skills-building training and job aids for health workers, and (3) increased early community-based counseling and support for patients. This report summarizes the key findings from Project SOAR’s implementation of this intervention in Lesotho, a country with a generalized HIV epidemic and the second highest HIV prevalence worldwide.


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