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Journal Article
16 September 2019

Measuring intersecting stigma among key populations living with HIV: implementing the people living with HIV Stigma Index 2.0

Barbara A Friedland, Laurel Sprague, Laura Nyblade, Stefan D Baral, Julie Pulerwitz, Ann Gottert, Ugo Amanyeiwe, Alison Cheng, Christoforos Mallouris, Florence Anam, Aasha Jackson, and Scott Geibel

2018. Journal of the International AIDS Society 21(S5):e25131
doi: 10.1002/jia2.25131


To support the health and rights of key populations living with HIV, it is important to understand their experiences of stigma, as well as to explore the intersectionality between HIV, key population status, and other marginalized group memberships, such as ethnic/and racial minorities, prisoners, migrants, and persons with disabilities. Yet to date, the psychometric study of intersecting patterns of stigma has been limited. This article discusses how the updated People Living with HIV Stigma Index–the Stigma Index 2.0–more fully captures the experiences of key populations living with HIV, including enabling respondents to share experiences of both HIV-related and key population-related stigma.

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