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2 March 2020

Community-based HIV treatment service delivery model for female sex workers in Tanzania: evaluation findings

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This report synthesizes findings from an evaluation of community-based ART services delivered to female sex workers (FSWs) in Tanzania.  Specifically, SOAR researchers compared linkage to care, antiretroviral treatment (ART) initiation, care retention, adherence, and viral suppression among FSWs receiving community ART services with those receiving the standard of care.

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Journal Article
1 March 2020

The uptake of population size estimation studies for key populations in guiding HIV responses on the African continent

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Population size estimation (PSE) studies for key populations have become increasingly common to define the necessary scale of specific programs for key populations. This PLOS ONE paper discusses an assessment of the research utilization of these size estimates in informing HIV policy and program documents across the African continent.

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Journal Article
31 January 2020

The short-term effects of the implementation of the “Treat All” guidelines on ART service delivery costs in Namibia

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The introduction of “Treat All” has been promoted to increase the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS treatment by having patients initiate antiretroviral therapy (ART) at an earlier stage of their illness. But what has been the impact of introducing treat all on treatment costs?  This paper, published in PLOS ONE, shows that treat all did not significantly increase the resources required in study facilities, either by raising unit costs or significantly increasing the number of ART patients.

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1 November 2019

Project SOAR: using implementation science to accelerate progress toward achieving the 90-90-90 goals

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Since its inception, Project SOAR has conducted 70 activities in 21 countries. This supplement features findings from select activities that cover all three pillars of the project: research, research utilization, and capacity strengthening.


The papers are organized by the following topics: linkage to care, factors that affect the HIV care cascade, methodologies to improve implementation science research and HIV programming, and ensuring that research makes a difference.

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Results Brief
30 September 2019

Reaching key populations with community-based HIV TnS services in Lagos and Benue States in Nigeria: baseline findings

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This brief summarizes the baseline findings from Project SOAR's prospective cohort study in Nigeria which is assessing the effectiveness of community-based test and start models in reaching HIV-positive men who have sex with men and female sex workers, retaining them on antiretroviral therapy, and achieving viral suppression.

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